Joel Gets It

I just read a great article from Joel Spolsky arguing that it’s advantageous to hire a few great programmers instead of many mediocre ones. Especially relevant to my own situation was this piece near the end of the article:

It’s not just a matter of “10 times more productive.” It’s that the “average productive” developer never hits the high notes that make great software.

Sadly, this doesn’t really apply in non-product software development. Internal, in-house software is rarely important enough to justify hiring rock stars. Nobody hires Dolly Parton to sing at weddings. That’s why the most satisfying careers, if you’re a software developer, are at actual software companies, not doing IT for some bank.

(but Joel… Dolly Parton??)

One Response to “Joel Gets It”

  1. Dustin Diaz Says:

    Reason number one for hiring a few great developers versus many of mediocrity.

    Most of the time all the mediocre one’s do is sit around and discuss code theory and wish they were just like the few great one’s they’re talking about. It’s time to get over it and produce something worth blabbing about :)

    btw, was cool meeting you the other day in the Y! cafeteria.