Yahoo! Answers beta

Yesterday, that little project that I’ve been involved with at Yahoo! went live. It’s called [Yahoo! Answers]( It’s a place where anyone and everyone can go to ask questions of other real people for free. It’s a big information free for all and I think it’s going to be incredibly useful. I’m proud to have worked on such a cool new product. So, go [check it out](

Some guy named Gary Price has written a nice review here: [The birth of Yahoo! Answers]( He calls it a “social networking/online community/search/question answering service “. I think that about sums it up.

2 Responses to “Yahoo! Answers beta”

  1. Dan McKinley Says:

    I had no idea there were so many people who didn’t know “where to get bittorrent.” But seriously, it’s pretty slick.

  2. Udi Says:

    Not nearly as many people as ask ‘how do I erase my search bar history’.

    There are lots of improvements that we want to make in the next few months to combat that kind of crud.