Y! Cool Thing

Back in January, I wrote an email to some of my fellow Yahoos to talk about that fact that Yahoo had all this cool stuff that I had never heard of before. Being a huge nerd, I had assumed that I was “in the know” about most of the great websites out there, but I was learning that somehow most of Yahoo’s most innovative offerings had missed me altogether. I asked my fellow employees why they thought this was so, and what they thought we could do to help fix the problem?

To do my part, I wrote a little post here on Udi’s Spot detailing some of my favorite Yahoo! discoveries. I’m sure about 10 people saw it :)

A few days ago, some Yahoos with more initiative than I resurrected my initial thread and pooled their resources together to think of a new way to spread the good word about Yahoo’s coolest new products. The result of this discussion and the quick thinking of JR Conlin have led to the creation of a new blog, Y! Cool Thing of the Day (http://ycoolthing.com). JR, me and many other Yahoos are going to write about one cool Yahoo! thing there every day. Check it out!

[ http://ycoolthing.com ]

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