Living the startup life

It’s been about a month since I left the Yahoo! Answers team to work full time on my new startup. Although I’ve been traveling quite a bit, I have gotten a lot of work done and I’ve noticed a few things:

  • It can get really hot in my apartment.
  • Not having to drive during rush hour (ever) is truly wonderful.
  • I miss the buzz of the office and the people there.
  • I like the fact that my new organization has a strict no meetings policy.
  • Writing Python is a pleasure.
  • Django hasn’t let me down, yet. It does just enough without getting in my way. It’s actually great.
  • I can build good stuff much faster when I’m making all the decisions.
  • Having no income is disconcerting.
  • I do my best thinking on airplanes with a pen and paper.
  • I wish I could tell more people what I’m working on. Maybe I just should? It’s all about the execution, right?

5 Responses to “Living the startup life”

  1. eran Says:

    First, Congrats! :-)
    Second, did you happen to travel to Israel? :-)
    Third, ping me if you can to my first name @ sandler. co . il :-)

    I’d love to get some input about how you are handling Python and Django. I got a couple of projects I was planning on using Django and it would be great to hear from someone that did just that…

    Oh and Congrats again :-D

  2. wjpunsapy Says:

    you bastard. i’m jealous. *sighing* at the cruel idea of a joke called “sprints.”

    i know you miss the 24″ LCDs; otherwise, you ain’t missing much.

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  5. Blessing Says:

    awesome post. Read the title and couldnt not read it. thanks!