A little bit of a lot is still a lot

Call me crazy, but I seem to have a completely different reaction to this new Pew study than everyone else.

When I saw that 30% of American’s were “Elite Tech Users” I practically jumped for joy. That’s a reasonably large percentage of a huge number of people. This study also says that 8% of American adults are “Web 2.0 devotees”. 8%! I thought it was less than 1%.

There are in excess of 215 million Americans age 18 or older (the focus of this study, which also means that they’ve ignored a very important demographic < 18). 8% of 215 million is 17 million. That's 17 million "Web 2.0 Devotees" in America alone. That's 17 million "influencers", "nerds", "early-adopters" or whatever you want to call them. If your service can land just 1% of that group, then you'll have 170 thousand evangelists on your hands. And, if your service leaps even part of the way over the chasm, then you'll open the floodgates into another 45 million plus "Elite Tech Users". If these statistics are accurate, then I'm very optimistic.

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