Living the startup life II

It’s been a couple of months since I last listed some observations about my new startup lifestyle and I thought I’d add a few more things to the list.

  • Setting up the desk in front of the TV might have been a poor idea.
  • Good help is hard to find when you can’t pay for it.
  • The only thing worse than writing your own damn login page is writing your own damn “forgot my password” page.
  • Subscribing to Netflix might have been a poor idea.
  • When you’re working on a startup, everyone insists on buying you lunch for some reason.
  • I didn’t properly appreciate the Yahoo! Ops folks. Handling configuration, monitoring and maintenance on your own machines is a lot of work.
  • has proven to be unreliable. Anyone have dedicated hosting recommendations??
  • I’m much more productive at midnight than at noon.
  • If the_designer == the_engineer then you can make things happen 100 times faster.

One Response to “Living the startup life II”

  1. jchum Says:

    I hate to say it, but the points made here are the same problems I have.

    My TV is 2 feet away from my desk, and if I tried to change up and sit on my bed, well, the TV is right in my face. I instead go to downtown Palo Alto and work from there about 2 times a week. The vibe from watching other Stanford Univ students cramming for an exam or procrastinating on their homework is amusing.

    If you are on dedicated, I suggest going with Softlayer. I’ve been with them over a year and everything is good (not a single outage). It’s centrally located in Texas and so latency should be alright on either the east or west coast. I paid extra for a 20 GB on the NAS for incremental backups.

    Oh, and even if you had the $$$, you still would have a tough time to find good help unless you had funding :) Trust me, 2K for 1 page mock is not in my budget.