10 Random Thoughts

  1. Those girls in the True ads are just ridiculous. Do they think that I’ll think that I’ll meet a girl that looks like that if I click on their ad? Really? This works?
  2. What percentage of all Technorati searches are vanity searches? 98%?
  3. Speaking of vanity searches: If you’re building one of these million new google killers, make sure it returns flattering results for every big blogger’s full name. That’s the first thing they’re going to try.
  4. The conditional formatting and charting functions in Excel 2007 are incredible. But, Outlook 2007 still hogs 100% of my CPU every 5 minutes when it fetches mail. You can’t get away with crap like that anymore MS.
  5. Speaking of MS: Why does windows always insist on putting the item you want at the very end of the alt-tab list? It’s been like this since windows 95 and it needs to stop.
  6. Google’s gathering of inane personal usage statistics and presenting them back to us as, well… statistics, is a bad idea. First, it’s not actually useful. Second, it just gives people the creeps. They should keep it to themselves until they’ve done something very, very cool with it.
  7. I wonder if a website acquisition by a big media company like CBS entails the same platform migration that a Yahoo! or Google acquisition would. At Y or G, you’re definitely moving to their infrastructure because that’s what they do. But at CBS? Maybe they still let you do your own thing?
  8. Does it bug anyone else when a movie’s title comes from some random spoken phrase that lacks any sort of importance to the story?
  9. Why can’t the gov’t direct deposit my refund check? I think it’s a conspiracy to give artificial business to the USPS. I mean, the checks were clearly printed by a computer. Let’s go all the way.
  10. Speaking of unnecessary paper: How long before we’re no longer using paper money at all? 10 years? 20?

Update: A couple of people have told me that they can indeed direct deposit the refund check. Oops.

One Response to “10 Random Thoughts”

  1. mike p Says:

    alt + shift + tab is your friend