Announcing: Feed Each Other

In February, I made the tough decision to leave the incredible Yahoo! Answers team and dive full time into a venture of my own. That venture is a new site called Feed Each Other ( Today, the invite only beta period is over and the site has been opened up to the public. (That means you should check it out and spread the word!)

What is Feed Each Other? Well, it’s your new feed reader :)

If you don’t know what a feed reader is, you can read up on the idea here. In short, it’s a tool that lets you read the latest headlines and content from many different websites quickly in one place instead of visiting each site individually.

Those of you who are already familiar with the concept are wondering what Feed Each Other adds to the equation. The answer is that in addition to being a world class reader, Feed Each Other lets you harness the power of your network of friends and colleagues to help you filter and explore the web in an fun, enlightening, efficient way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which feeds your friends subscribe to? Shouldn’t you be able to find new feeds by topic? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could browse feeds related to your subscriptions? Shouldn’t you be able to share things that you find in your reader without clogging up your friend’s email? How great would it be if your reader could automatically point you towards other interesting, like-minded people?

Feed Each Other makes all of those things a reality (and more!). You know what your friends like, and they know what you like. Feed Each Other lets you help each other, and the community at large, find new things and stay informed. I see it as a logical progression in the way that we go about exploring the web and consuming information online. It simply makes sense, and this is why I felt compelled to leave my job and go and build it.

It’s been a crazy 7 months, but I’ve already learned a lot and hopefully the journey is just beginning. I got some great help from my partner in this new venture, the brilliant Dan McKinley, and I’d also like to thank all my family and friends that have been incredibly supportive and helpful. Thanks for all the feedback, encouragement and enthusiasm!

Lastly, I just want to mention that the end of the private beta means that the major functionality is in place and is stable. That definitely does not mean that the site is finished. Expect to see many new features, fixes and adjustments in the weeks and months to come. Hopefully all of that will happen with the help of some great feedback from the people like you, the reader of this post.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and play with it. Tell your friends!

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10 Responses to “Announcing: Feed Each Other”

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  2. micah Says:

    congrats Udi! – Micah

  3. Rivka Says:

    Congratulations Udi! Great creation !
    I look forward to being part of this exciting Growing Feedeachother community. I love using it and it serves me very well. I suspect it will make many people’s lives more productive and exciting.

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  5. Jeton Says:

    Well done sir.

    It’s an excellent feed reader, and highly social as well.


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  8. linzc111 Says:

    congrats on the launch! about time to let everyone in on the fun.

  9. Vin Turk Says:


    Congrats on the launch. Very interesting concepts indeed. I’ve only dug in a little bit so if these questions are off topic or already answered just point me to a link:

    Are you going after the bloglines/feed demon crowd to convert their users or compliment those existing services?

    Have you thought about releasing a licensed API that allows the bloglines like players to integrate your social networking features into their applications? might be another rev source.

    Any ideas to give users the ability to import friends from the large social networking sites (facebook, myspace, orkut, or even the IM clients)?

    And lastly, kind of related to the q above: this sounds like a good fit for a facebook app bringing the power of Feed Each Other into facebook, or even perhaps being able to import users FB news feeds so they can get facebook updates while logged into FEO (not sure of the openness of the FB feed).

    Best of luck,

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