Commons Question Time

I’ve recently begun dvr’ing the weekly Prime Minister Q&A session at the British House of Commons. If you don’t watch it, it’s a half hour long and it’s on CSPAN Wed. mornings at 7am (thus the need for the dvr’ing). I highly recommend it to anyone that either loves politics or enjoys watching skilled trash talkers go at each other in front of a rowdy crowd.

Here’s a particularly biting clip from last week:

America would be a better place if our president were subjected to such scrutiny on a weekly basis.

And, have you ever watched the House or Senate on TV? It’s like the turnout at a college fencing match. Everyone has better things to do. At the very least, the prospect of seeing the Prime Minister talk some trash seems to get butts in the seats. The same thing might get everyone together now and then in our Congress too.

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