Random tips & tools (nerd alert)

Nothing ground-breaking here, but I wish someone had told me about these things sooner. Maybe these will help some of you out.

  • Firefox
    • ctrl+1 . . . ctrl+n will switch to that specific tab.
    • ctrl+t (new tab), ctrl+k (search), ctrl+l (address bar) and ctrl+w (close tab) are also musts.
    • You can add new items to the list of feed handlers (Like this)
    • After Firebug, my favorite extension is Resizable Textarea
  • Linux
    • The locate and updatedb commands are very useful. Every mention of “find . -name foo -print” online should also say, “trying locate foo first is usually MUCH faster and easier”. But, no one ever seems to talk about it.
    • Here’s my .vimrc file. Can’t live without it.
    • When running top, shift+> and shift+< are your friends. Also, hitting c is usually the first thing I do.
    • nohup is cool.
    • nmap -sV or netstat -tulpen will show you what’s running on what port.
    • Learn about the load average numbers that you see on the top of top.
    • Java processes can run away with all of your memory. Be careful. Use java -Xms100m -Xmx500m to limit things. The Xms is the start amount, the Xmx is the max amount.
  • Tools
  • Any other tips I should know about? Please share.

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