I outsourced myself to Argentina (late announcement)

It’s been 4 months since I last decided to write here at Udi’s Spot. Hard to believe.

The main reason I’ve dropped off the blogging planet is that a few months ago I moved down to Buenos Aires. You could say that I outsourced myself.

Billboard next to my apt.

A curious thing happens when you remove yourself from The Scene. You slowly stop getting urges to turn every glimmer of original thought into a full fledged online essay. You just ponder it, mention it to a friend, and move on.

That said, I do feel a bit delinquent in my duties because there have been so many interesting things going on in my life and so many fascinating things that I’ve noticed from this new perch of mine.

So, I write today to let you know that I’m still alive and that you can expect some more from me soon.

You can check out some of my Argentina pictures here:
(You need to be my friend on Flickr to see all the good stuff, sorry)

Lastly, please check out the hot new look that FeedEachOther is sporting today. The announcement is over at the FEO Blog. Personally, I think it’s a massive improvement when it comes to usability. Try it out, spread the word.

One Response to “I outsourced myself to Argentina (late announcement)”

  1. Calimecita Says:

    Hi! You won’t remember me, but I used to read your posts, back when you were working at YA (where I still participate, btw).
    I just read that you moved to Argentina and I had to say Welcome to my country! I live in La Plata, a nice town about 15 kms away from Buenos Aires city, so if you ever come visit and are interested in a city tour, let me know. As you may have noticed, us locals are very friendly :-)

    BTW I’ve bookmarked your Feed reader and I’ll be checking it. Good luck with everything!

    Cali (Cecilia)