Changes afoot. Back in USA. Joined VideoSurf.

After a year and a half of hard work and a wonderfully flexible lifestyle that included a 4 month stint in Buenos Aires, I’ve returned to the USA and decided to once again take on full time work.

I’ve joined an amazing startup in San Mateo called VideoSurf. They’re doing some really innovative stuff with online video and I’m extremely excited about all the possibilities. Everything is still in stealth mode, but you should start to hear more about it in the coming months. If you’d like an invite to try the site out, email me and I’ll see if I can make it happen. No promises yet though.

As for FeedEachOther… While the site is extremely useful and loved by many, its current incarnation isn’t getting the traction necessary to turn it into a real business. Perhaps I’ll take it in a new direction in the future. I’m very proud of what I’ve built, but trying something new now is the the right move for me. I will still keep the site up and running, but active development has pretty much stopped.

If this worries anyone who’s currently relying on the site, I’ll be happy to help you export any of your information from the system. Send your requests via the FEO feedback page and I’ll work to add new export features to the site or run one-off scripts to get the data for you if necessary. However, take heart that the site will still be running for quite some time because I use it daily myself and I know that quite a few others do as well.

So, that’s that… Woah.

Viva VideoSurf!

4 Responses to “Changes afoot. Back in USA. Joined VideoSurf.”

  1. David Says:

    Congratulations Udi!

  2. Bart Says:

    Congrats Udi! And you know I would like an invite to experience first hand what you’re up to.

  3. Dan Thornton Says:

    Congrats Udi…and the only reason Feedeachother didn’t grow was down to timing rather than the site itself…it just needed to gain a foothold before Google Reader!

    I’d be really interested in Videosurf and if you ever have the time/interest in any side projects.

  4. Jock L. Falkson Says:

    Hi Udi
    Sharon and I looked at this link – we were looking for your new website (she didn’t bring the link) – but this doesn’t give it. Still, it sounds very good. All the best to you on this new project –