New Greasemonkey goodness (Insert VideoSurf summaries on Google, Yahoo! and Youtube search)

I just published my first post on the VideoSurf blog. It’s about a Greasemonkey script that I wrote to insert our VideoSurf visual summaries into Google, Yahoo! and Youtube search results pages. I think the script is pretty sweet and quite useful.

If you’re interested, there are screenshots and installation instructions on the VideoSurf blog:

If there are any Greasemonkey scripters out there, I’ll also share a cool discovery that I made along the way. There’s now a very easy way to include jQuery’s great functionality into your Greasemonkey scripts. You just need to add this line to the file’s header:

// @require

Having jQuery at your disposal can really speed up development and make it much, much less tedious. Check out the source of my VideoSurf script to see some of the ways that I used it.

Update: I made it on to Techmeme:
Read/Write Web and propel the post on to Techmeme

Update 1/8/2009: We turned it into a Firefox extension and added some awesome new features for the Youtube video page. Check it out,

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