Two million milestones

It’s been way too long since I’ve written here on Udi’s Spot and perhaps we’re due for an update.

I’d like to share 2 recent milestones that I’m quite proud of with all y’all (I just spent Thanksgiving in Alabama).

Is it normal unique visitors snapshot from Google Analytics

First, my pet project of about 6 years,, recently cracked 1 million unique visitors in a month. IIN’s growth has been slow, but steady over the years and it’s really starting to pick up some steam. It’s become quite an active community and has certainly been a very interesting project to work on. I’ve learned more than I ever imagined there was to know about my fellow human beings.

Videos At a Glance Snapshot

Second up is the Firefox Extension that I designed and built while at VideoSurf and that the great team there has continued to maintain, improve and port to other platforms since my departure. The Videos At A Glance extension now has well over 1 million downloads, has been featured regularly by Mozilla (surely a big help with all those downloads, thanks Mozilla) and is just about the top rated FF Extension from about 1,000 in the “Photos, Music & Videos” category of the Mozilla Addon’s website. Its success is also a testament to the strength of the awesome video search platform that VideoSurf has built. Anyone could have built this extension on top of their public API, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Also, while I’m sharing, my newest startup is getting very close to launch and we’re extremely excited. If you’re curious, drop us your email at and I’ll try get you invited as soon as I can. We need more user feedback! Thanks!

2 Responses to “Two million milestones”

  1. Dan Thornton Says:

    Hey – glad to see the update and that things are going well. Seems like ages since we chatted about FeedEachOther (I still miss it in some ways – Google Reader still has some major weaknesses!)

    A million uniques in a month is great going – and well deserved!

  2. ella Says:

    so proud of you!

    and, I’m with Dan…I miss FeedEachOther every single day.